Nautilos Studios

   Nautilos Studios is located in Tilos, a small island in the Dodecanese with hotels, many studios and apartments.

   Right in front of the beach, just 7 meters from the sea, Nautilos Studios offers magnificent view.

   Each studio and apartment has kitchenette, refrigerator, TV, air co ...


   Tilos is a small island in the Dodecanese located between Kos and Rhodes. Its total area is 64,525 kmĀ² and has 533 permanent residents. There are three villages on the island, Megalo Chorio, Livadia and Agios Antonios.
   In mythology, Tilos was the son of Helios and Thalia, sister of the Telchins. Tilos came to the island to look for herbs for his sick mother. He liked it so much that he later returned and named it Tilos. He also built temples for Apollo and Poseidon on the island.
   Historically, Tilos is mentioned by Homer, because it has many archeological monuments. In 1970 the Gr ...