Tilos is a small island of The Dodecanese and it is located between Kos and Rhodes. Its total land area is 64,525 kmĀ² and has 533 inhabitants. On the island there are three settlements, the Megalo Horio, the Livadia and the Agios Antonios.
     By mythology, Telos was the son of Helios and Thalia the sister of Telhines. Telos came to the island to search for herbal remedies for his ill mother. He liked the island so much that he came back later and he named it Tilos following his name. He also built temples on the island for Apollo and Neptune.
     Historically Tilos is referred by Homer because it has many archaeological monuments. In 1970 the Greek professor of paleontology Nikolaos Symeonidis discovered a cave, cemetery of the dwarf elephants in the Myssaria area. You will also find on the island, a small paleontology museum which has many of the findings of the Harkadio Cave.
     You can reach Tilos by sea from the port of Rhodes and the port of Peiraia.
     Tilos is a small island with many natural beauties and historical monuments. It has all of the elements that it needs to keep the traditional identity and it surprises happily the few visitors with, the special views and the wonderful beaches.
     The most part of Tilos is covered with stones, except a small part of valley in the center of the island. The locals work with farming, agriculture and fishery. They are faithful in their traditional ways of living and they are distinguished for their hospitality. Tilos is populated by prehistoric time. The monuments of the big village, the Enetic castle, the Byzantine churches and the bones of the small elephants that we mentioned before, are the elements that they reveal important aspects of history of island.
     Tilos is one of the most isolated islands of Dodecanese. If you want a quiet place and a beautiful environment for your vacations you have to visit Tilos and have a nice holiday!